Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So Not a Rocker!

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, on the recommendation of Amy over at Heartfelt Greetings , I bought the Rock King Mat Paper Stack by DCWV. Now I should certainly mention that I am not really a fan of rock music; I don't own one item of grunge type clothing; I have nary a tattoo on my body. . . get the picture?!?!?! But, Amy got it and dang, she can work magic with just about anything! (If you don't believe me, go check out her Scrap Stash Saturdays feature on her blog!) Anyway, I thought I would give a try too! And let's be honest, not everyone likes froo-frooey-pretty-girl cards, right? So I bought the mat stack and of course, since all my froo-frooey-pretty-girl flower stamps don't go with the paper, I HAD to buy Rhonda Farrer's Gypsy Style stamp set. (Vicious cycle, this card making business!) Last night I got out the paper, the stamps, the ribbon, the embellishments, the EVERYTHING, and tried to make a grungey rock card. The end result? I've decided that I'm like the Laura Ingalls of card making. I just can't do grunge. I tried four different cards with this stuff! So, this is what I ended up with. What do you think?


Keri Lee Sereika said...

I LIKE IT! I totally dig that bird on the bottom there! I had never seen it before!!!

Monica said...

"I'm like the Laura Ingalls of card making" -- LOL, TOO funny! Actually, I think you pulled it off quite nicely (in a angst-ridden way) and I especially love the safety pins - great touch! There must be a rocker hidden in you somewhere. :)

Melissa Craig said...

I like it! It's a little Black Crow-ish. LOL