Thursday, October 25, 2007

I would chortle if I was the type to do that sort of thing. . . .

Okay, these Thanksgiving stamps from Missy B Designs are just cracking me up! The set, Fall Fun, comes with four different turkeys and five different sentiments. But the fun part comes when you take a look at some of these turkey's faces. For instance. . . check out this little guy. Just sitting there in the stew pot. Like turkeys do that every day of their lives! It made me laugh (chortle, if you will) so I just had to type up my own sentiment and add it to the card!
Hope it gets you laughing too!

Friday, October 19, 2007

And the Winner is. . .

Oh, for pete's sake! I've been watching my little counter go up day by day and thought that it would be such a fun thing to do a little blog candy when my number of visitors reached 1000! Now I know 1000 isn't all that much compared to some of these craft blogs out there, but doggone it! I'm pretty proud of that milestone! So while I've been pondering what to do for blog candy, my number creeped up and up and finally I decided to pop in and check out where I was. And guess who lucky number 1000 was. Yep. Me. And here I was trying to be SO careful NOT to be the one to win the blog candy!! I guess some things were just meant to be! Unfortunately (tee hee), under the circumstances, I just don't see any other solution. . . I'll have uphold my end of the intended offer and go get myself that blog candy prize!!!! (Okay. Seriously. Isn't that just the lamest excuse for going out and buying more craft stuff!?!?!?! Lame. . . .but I love it!) Anyhow, to all of you who have visited my blog and to those who actually subscribe--THANK YOU! YOU make MY heart happy each time you visit and each time you comment! So, shall we start planning NOW for the 1500 mark candy? :-)

Thinking, editing, getting ready to publish, the author is overcome with guilt and offers up this consolation prize. . . .

How about some eye candy? :-) It's craft show season and I'm getting some little pretties ready to go. This is my current favorite:
This little guy is a metal strip with magnets on the back so it can stick to your fridge, filing cabinets, etc. Each of the little flowers is a magnet as well so you can use it as a note holder, picture holder, whatever. ISN'T THIS SO CUTE?!?! What do you think? Would you buy it at a craft show? Especially if it cost under $5? Let me know what you think!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Don't you just think FALL gives Christmas a run for it's money as the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?!?!? I LOVE FALL! The leaves are absolutely stunning here! When I moved to Oregon (wow! 18 years ago now!) I was amazed to see red leaves on the trees at fall time! Don't get me wrong. . .Montana, my home state, is gorgeous beyond reason, but I so stunned by the beauty of the trees here in Oregon! And that, of course, leads me to the truly sad part of fall: harvesting all the vegies and having our once thriving garden reduced to a mud patch. It's sad to see our garden go, but check out this photo. . . .
Our final, lone tomato and delicata squash right along with ALL THOSE WALLA WALLA ONIONS AND BASIL!!!!!! Yumm!! We even scored a couple of raspberries and strawberries before the rain started to fall! Delightful! I was so thrilled with all of this, I had to head inside and ink up my cute, cute Vegibella stamp. If you haven't gotten a Bella stamp yet, you so should! I think they are the very funnest stamps to paper piece! Check out her demin overalls. . .

Well, folks, that's all for today. . . except this. . . . .have a wondrous, blessed fall day and don't forget to stop and enjoy the colors!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just for total and complete fun!

Okay, in the world of card making, I have to say that it is really, really easy to get caught up in doing all the challenges: sketch challenges, color challenges, technique challenges. I 've been doing some of those lately primarily to learn more, practice more and be a better card maker. Somewhere along the way, however, I've found that it is really easy to make cards for the challenges only and not just because you wanna have fun. . . yeah, girls just wanna have fun! Oooh, does that take you on a frightening flashback to the 80's?!?!?! :-) Well, this next card kind of originated as a challenge. I went into my local stamp shop, Stampin' Cat Studio, and found a fun little challenge: you had to use this black and white gift wrap paper somewhere in your card. Well, thinks me, I have just the stamp to go with that paper!!!!! And suddenly, with my little Hambo skunk stamp, this went from a challenge to making a fun card just because I LOVE PEPE LA PUE!! So, here is my "just for fun" card. . . hope it finds you having a fun day too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You are SO gonna want some of these stamps!!!

Okay, one night I was perusing different blogs. . . dreaming of the day my little blog will ARRIVE. . . .okay, what I was really doing was neglecting my poor little blog and dreaming of all the stamps that I ABSOLUTELY NEED!!!!! And in the midst of the dreaming, I find a treasure! And I mean a FUN treasure! Have you heard of Missy B Designs? Was I the last one to find them?!!?!?!? Okay, focus! Melissa Barstow, aka Missy B, has some seriously cute, cute stamps! So, I ramped up my courage and emailed her. The conversation went something like this. . . "I like your stamps! I LOVE your stamps! Can I please, please, pulleeze, design for you?!?!?!" Much to my complete delight, she emailed me back and said "YES"!!!!!! And that, my friends, leads me to this little card. . . When I saw that Melissa had sent me this duck set, I was so happy! This little guy on the end reminds me of someone in my family. Hmmmm. . . must be my sister! :-) Anyway, check out this little fun family and then head on over to Missy B Designs and GET SOME!! Great stamps, awesome prices and wonderful fun await you!!!!