Monday, September 3, 2007

It is a Thing of Beauty!

Okay, if you are totally anti-Martha Stewart, you probably won't be at all impressed with this post. If, however, you have even a smidgy of kitchen diva in you. . . .check out this picture! I spent this afternoon (yes, this HOT HOT afternoon) canning tomato sauce. I used Beefsteak tomatoes that my 5 year old son has been growing in his garden, fresh basil and oregano from our herb patch and some big ole fatty chunks of sweet Walla Walla onions. Man, you should have smelled my house this afternoon! Deeeee-licious! I ended up with 12 pints and 7 half-pints. . . one more afternoon like this and we'll be set for winter. Hope today found you doing something you love! Happy Hot Labor Day!!


Anonymous said...

like 8 card pics, strawberrys and cans of red stuff?

Melissa Craig said...

How cool that your 5 yo grew the tomatoes he'll be eating on his spaghetti! That is a job well done! Beautiful picture, too, even if the word 'canning' will get my short fat legs moving from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds away from the kitchen!! LOL