Sunday, August 26, 2007

Soldiers and Summertime

Hi all! So before I show you the card I've been working on, I have to show you today's bounty from our strawberry plants. . .when you look at the picture, you understand why the bounty is so small. . . .tiny, little, precious fingers that grab those berries the VERY second they are ripe! Don't these berries just look like summer to you?

And on to my latest endeavor in the world of cards! Susie over at Berkerblog is doing a contest for the soldiers in Iraq. You make a card and send it to her and after all the cards are entered into the contest, she'll send them along to a fabulous site called Angel Stampers For Soldiers. From there, the cards are sent to the amazing heroes who are fighting the war in Iraq. Cool! I'm so in! Anyway, here is my card. . . please join the fun and let them know that you care!


Flossie's Follies said...

Love strawberries and these look great, lucky you, home grown ones. Your card is awesome, love the saying.

Michelle said...

LOVE this card! I just love red, white and blue cards (not because of patriotism, as I am Canadian...but because the colours are awesome together!)
The card is gorgeous!

Kim Hughes said...

your card is FANTASTIC!! Love the dry embossed paper :)

(great photo too)