Friday, August 10, 2007

My list of Blessings!

So I thought I would post my list of blessings and while I was getting ready to do that, another WONDERFUL blessing happened. . .
1. I am so thankful that I DID NOT BURN MY HOUSE DOWN WHILE I WAS BLOGGING MY LIST OF BLESSINGS!!!! (Happy, laughing and smiling!!) :-) I forgot I had put noodles on to cook for my munchkin and while I typed, they burned! Smoke billowing. . . :-)
2. I am so thankful for the gorgeous sunshine with a hint of breeze to keep it from getting too hot.
3. I am so thankful for the scrumptious, fresh potatoes my boys and I dug from our garden and had for dinner.
4. I am so thankful for my boys giggles while I spray them with the hose as they jump on the trampoline.
5. I am so thankful for a garden where I can pull ripe tomatoes and peas right off the plants and munch them!
6. I am so thankful for the pastor at West Salem Foursquare Church. . . he has such love,compassion and wisdom.
7. I am thankful that my brother is almost done with camp and will get a rest.
8. I am still thankful that my sister-in-law got to come stay with us. What a blessing!
9. I am thankful for my husband's Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom. They are amazing examples of the kind of family we want to have.
10. I am so thankful for my inky fingers!

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