Monday, January 14, 2008

Harleys and Margins

Okay, that sounds really weird, doesn't it? Let me explain. . . last Sunday, our pastor talked about "Increasing Your Margins". Margins are the space between you and your limit. The passage of Scripture he focused on was Psalm 23. . . "He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul". . . His point was that in today's world, we are SO busy, SO over-extended, SO stressed, SO financially strapped, SO over-committed that we have no space between us and the point where we just can't function well anymore. That's not God's plan for our lives! So, as my husband and I sat listening to the pastor, I was really convicted about how much we do that is just unnecessary. How much extra running around doing errands, how much money we spend on things we just don't need, how little time we take to just chill, relax, and be refreshed. That's not what I want for me or my family!! We are really striving to increase our margins. . .and we're loving it!!!! Since our pastor's message really impacted us, I wanted to send him a thank you card. Well, he is a HUGE Harley guy, so I inked up my motorcycle stamp (it DOES look like a Harley, right?!?!?!) and tackled my first ever masculine card. No ribbon, no flowers, no pink. . . And guess what? I LOVE THIS CARD!!! Doesn't it just rock?
And check out the shiny chrome. .. .
So enjoy the card, but more importantly, enjoy the stillness, the moments that bring you joy and peace and increase your margins!!


Soni B said...

I am a sister to 2 wonderful brothers, that are who rides a Harley... and I agree, this sermon is a wonderful message...

thanks for sharing

Melissa Craig said...

What a great message and what a great card! I love it and I'm sure your pastor is going to love it, too.

I hope you widen those margins - what an awesome message.

chelemom said...

I need to increase my margins for sure! Love this card to pieces!