Monday, November 12, 2007

The Tag Finally Found Me!

Hi all,
It's been a bit crazy around here lately. . .I've been trying to get ready for craft sales. . . had two this weekend. They went okay, but not superb. I have another one coming up in December and am going to revamp my inventory and how I display it. Hopefully that will help! The best fun part of it is that my mom is a painter and is doing these sales with me, so even if I don't make any money, I sure have fun chillin' with my mama! (Hi Mom! Am I your favorite now?!?!?!) Anyway, no card to show today, but Melissa over at Stamp It, Scrap It, Share It tagged me so I thought I would rack my brain for seven interesting things to say about myself. Okay, on to the dirt! :-)

1. I really can touch my nose with my tongue. (Don't think about that one too long, it'll freak you out!)
2. I was born in the wrong era. I want to be Anne of Avonlea and live at Green Gables.
3. I took two years of Spanish in high school and only remember the swear words. Not even sure how I learned them. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Yeager never covered that!
4. I lived in an Eskimo village on the Yukon River in Alaska.
5. My sister calls me Cherbyface. Come to think of it, I'm not sure where that came from either.
6. I don't like dogs. At all.
7. Someday I want to live on a farm and have my very own horse to ride. No dogs though.

So that covers me. . . and since I KNOW I'm the last to be tagged, I'm not sending the tag on. . . did you just heave a big sigh of relief?!?!?!? :-)
Okay, gotta run. . . time to head to swim practice!

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Melissa Craig said...

Thank you for sharing some interesting facts about you.

I hope your other sale goes well!!