Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You are SO gonna want some of these stamps!!!

Okay, one night I was perusing different blogs. . . dreaming of the day my little blog will ARRIVE. . . .okay, what I was really doing was neglecting my poor little blog and dreaming of all the stamps that I ABSOLUTELY NEED!!!!! And in the midst of the dreaming, I find a treasure! And I mean a FUN treasure! Have you heard of Missy B Designs? Was I the last one to find them?!!?!?!? Okay, focus! Melissa Barstow, aka Missy B, has some seriously cute, cute stamps! So, I ramped up my courage and emailed her. The conversation went something like this. . . "I like your stamps! I LOVE your stamps! Can I please, please, pulleeze, design for you?!?!?!" Much to my complete delight, she emailed me back and said "YES"!!!!!! And that, my friends, leads me to this little card. . . When I saw that Melissa had sent me this duck set, I was so happy! This little guy on the end reminds me of someone in my family. Hmmmm. . . must be my sister! :-) Anyway, check out this little fun family and then head on over to Missy B Designs and GET SOME!! Great stamps, awesome prices and wonderful fun await you!!!!


Anonymous said...

OFFENDED!!!! I'm not a duck on my head! :)

Melissa Craig said...

I love this card!! I think that litle duck on the end is so cute and will fit any number of people in my family. Right now it's reminding me of my oldest son!

Ana said...

Congrats! She sure does have some adorable stamps. :)